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“Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.”
Leonardo da Vinci

Artist’s Profile - I am always fascinated by the immense diversity of artist backgrounds. There is so much that makes up ‘an artist.” Every part of their life experiences, their training, their gifts and talents, and so much more.

Some artists are blessed to "emerge" when they are young, allowing them the luxury of decades of development and sharing of their gifts. Others are, sadly, constrained from life pressures and responsibilities, and never find the opportunity to develop and share.

Then there are artists who, at a later stage of life, take the opportunity and the risks to launch their artistic gifts and see where they may go. I am such an artist.

My fervor for art and the creative process started when I was a child watching my grandfather paint. As a teen, I began to dabble in pastels and oils, but had to put them away to take on the responsibilities of an adult life. For decades, I'd sit looking at that fledgeling art, longing to pick up a brush again. I lived for many years, through phases of marriage, child rearing and building a successful career, with the need to paint yearning in the back of my mind.

An Aerospace Engineer by education from the University of Virginia, I have been helping people as a mortgage banker since 1989. My profession has also provided a living for my family of seven children. I am now also a doting grandfather of five, art-loving grandchildren. Geniuses all.

In my view, a photograph may capture a moment, but a painting may express the feelings and emotions of that moment, stirring ones memories and imagination.

In 2013, at the age of 50, the children were thriving and business was grown. Finally, my journey as a painter began. I embarked on a study of oils and acrylics, this time bringing life-experience to my work.

Most of my paintings come from personal travel. I find great joy in depicting how I've perceived a visual moment.

My goal is to instill a unique view into emotions, feelings of wonder and joy that odd and beautiful moments lend to life.

My Style & Process

You will notice that my style and subjects vary. I love painting in the impressionistic style with a hint of realism, or “Impressionistic Realism”. Mostly using oils, though occasionally in acrylic.

I welcome requests for commissioned work so if you are interested please email me at

Check out my Blog - Many people have requested to see the original photos that inspired the painting so I have begun to add those images, as well as the story of the painting and in some cases, an animated gif showing the timeline of the paintings creation.

* Endorsed Artist Partner to the U.S. World War I Centennial Commission

Delaware Best Emerging Artist - 2015 - RAL

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