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Happy Fathers Day ! Time Flies

"Time Flies" is the title of this portrait that was commissioned by my cousin "Dino" in 2016 of a scene of Dean and his grandson that was so inspiring to me. As a father who raised seven children and now is blessed to be a grandfather of an increasing number of grandchildren, this scene touches on my heart and so many memories.

It is an age old adage that time flies and that the years pass quickly as one's children grow up so fast. From those early wonderful memories of lifting a child above the incoming waves to watching them as the years go by and they get bigger growing braver in their adventures with each passing year.

To ALL of you who are fathers I urge you to treasure your time with your children. To all of you I hope this painting brings you pleasant memories from your perspective as child or as a parent!

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Brian Vitale
Brian Vitale
Jun 22, 2020

Dad, I love this painting as I am not a father I can only relate via nieces, nephews, and puppies. It still is as true today as will be tomorrow.

Jun 21, 2020

I love this painting and your thoughts today! Please keep sharing with us ❤️

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