• Over the Hill by the Artist Josef

  • Over the Hill by the Artist Josef
  • Capri Sun by the Artist Josef

  • Mykanos Gata by the Artist Jsoef

  • Istanbul Fishing by the Artist Josef

  • Common Love by the Artist Josef

  • Mara's Abaco Vacation by the Aritst Josef
  • Rough Seas by the Artist Josef
  • To the Beach by the Artist Josef
  • Muse en Rouge by the Artist Josef

  • Beach Walk by the Artist Josef

  • Through the Rain by the Artist Josef

theArtistJosef - Original Paintings by the Artist Josef

“Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.”
Pablo Picasso
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I love the quote above from Picasso.

I find great joy in taking an experience, a beautiful visual moment, and creating something new to express what I have seen.

Travel and photography have always been a passion of mine. Painting allows me to take that passion to a new level.

To add feeling, interpretation, and perspective is part of the power of creating a painting.

I hope you will enjoy taking a few moments to view my work shown in this website.

Most of these pieces are available for sale so if you are interested - just send me an email!
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  • caribbean-morn-by-the-artist-josef
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"Snowy visits Silver Lake"

New painting by the Artist Josef

24 x 24. Oil on panel

I love how this painting turned out ! It looks amazing on a tote bag, prints, and pillows.

Take a look here - http://bit.ly/2t9sYBH
Recently while passing by Silver Lake in Rehoboth Beach, DE I was able to see a stunningly beautiful Snowy Egret near the shore. This bird would have been stopping by on its migration journey. It was a somewhat misty morning and the colors of the water and air added a fascinating addition to the scene.

Please follow my Facebook fanpage if you are interested in seeing more.
On display in private gallery in Rehoboth Beach - email or message me to visit gallery and take home an original from your beach vacation!